The 15th branch of the Mantashyants Union of Entrepreneurs has opened in Kapan

12 Mar 2024

The 15th branch of the Mantashyants Union of Entrepreneurs has opened in Kapan

The next branch of Mantashyants in Kapan will unite local entrepreneurs, ensuring their cooperation with Armenian businessmen from branches located in 14 other cities of the world:

"Our main goal is for various entrepreneurs in Armenia and around the world to be able to communicate with Kapan entrepreneurs, and Kapan entrepreneurs to work with our 14 branches. Today there are about 30 entrepreneurs from our various branches in Kapan, there are also 30 entrepreneurs representing local businesses, this is an important opportunity for new cooperation and establishing new business ties that we are establishing in the Syunik region," Vahram Mirakyan, co-founder, president of the Mantashyants Business Club, said during the opening of the branch.

The Kapan branch will be of strategic importance for the Mantashyants business club, as it is aimed at developing the economy of the Syunik region, contributing to the development of other industries in the region besides mining:

The official opening ceremony of the branch was also attended by Kapan Mayor Gevorg Parsyan, who delivered a congratulatory speech addressed to the members of the club.

"We are confident that the opening of the branch will create new business partnerships for Kapan entrepreneurs, provide new opportunities to sell in new markets and present our products, and, why not, form a new commercial culture," the head of the community said in his welcoming speech and added that the opening of the Mantashyants branch in Kapane will contribute to the stable development of the community, provide a business environment and stimulate entrepreneurial activity.

Grigory Parsyan, an entrepreneur from Syunik, will coordinate the work of the Kapan branch of the Mantashyants business Club. In his speech, the latter also noted the importance of communication, joint initiatives and cooperation between Armenian entrepreneurs of Syuni