Mantashyants Business Club is 5 years old

05 Feb 2024

Mantashyants Business Club is 5 years old

More than 300 Armenian businessmen from 10 cities around the world. It is on this scale that the Mantashyants Business Club celebrates the fifth anniversary of its foundation.

For one day, Tsakhkadzor turned into the world center of Armenian business, where businessmen, club members and invited guests received new opportunities to become part of the pan-Armenian global business network:

Speaking about the path traversed by Mantashyants, the club's co-founder and president Vahram Mirakyan notes that over the past five years the club has turned into a unique structure, and this is just the beginning.

" The Mantashyants business meeting was attended by entrepreneurs from 10 cities around the world, from Hamburg to Rostov. In Armenia, such a number of entrepreneurs do not gather in other cases," Vahram Mirakyan notes, adding that for Mantashyants this is an everyday process, they gather once every 3 months. In the formal part of the event dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Business Club, the club members were presented with the achievements achieved over the years and a roadmap of ambitious goals for the future.