One of the traditional formats of the Mantasyants business club took place - Mantasyants Business Weekend

23 Apr 2024

One of the traditional formats of the Mantasyants business club took place - Mantasyants Business Weekend

Over the weekend, one of the traditional formats of the Mantasyants Business Union gathered in Tsakhkadzor - Mantasyants Business Weekend, which was attended by about 300 business clubs, some of which arrived in Armenia from the USA, France, Great Britain, Russia and other countries.

At the beginning of the event, the entrepreneurs were presented with the achievements of the Mantashyants club over the past three months. During this time, the number of club members worldwide exceeded 550+, and the number of branches reached 15. The last branch was opened in the south of Armenia, in Kapan.

In his opening speech, Vahram Mirakyan, co-founder and President of the Mantashyants Union of Entrepreneurs, also presented two new formats laid down in the club: the "open events" and "familiarization visit to Armenia" programs. The first of these formats is intended for those who want to get a business education, and the second is aimed at making Armenia a popular tourist destination.

On the second day of the "Mantasyants Business Weekend" held in Tsakhkadzor, the entrepreneurs-members of the club were visited by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Gevorg Papoyan.
In his opening remarks, the Minister expressed his readiness to continue the long-term effective cooperation of his department with the Mantashiants Union of Entrepreneurs and discuss the country's economic policy, programs and projects with Mantashians.
"I think it is very important that we discuss with the business community those projects that should become a law or a government decision in the future. We are also very ready to listen to your suggestions," Gevorg Papoyan said, addressing the entrepreneurs of the Mantashyants club.
Deputy Minister of Economy Rafael Gevorgyan was also present at the meeting. During the discussion, government representatives talked about the Armenian economy, existing problems in various fields, ways to overcome them, relations with international partners, the country's logistical capabilities and other issues.
The members of the Mantashyants business club, in turn, touched upon the problems existing in their field of activity, asked questions and made suggestions.

It should be recalled that about 300 entrepreneurs take part in the "business weekend" held by the Mantashyants Union of